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Dear Kim Kardashian……You’re a Serial Dater!


Dear Kim,

Kim Kardashian attending Maxim's 10th Annual H...

Despite the many speculation of how your “career” got started, sex tape with ex-boyfriend and singer Ray J, I happen to like you and respect what you and your sisters have done in branding yourself. You have just been named the top earning reality star, pulling in approximately $6 million a year, and I applaud you but please please please…. do me one little favor! Take a date nap! Make that a hibernation!

Earlier this year, to our dismay, your 3 year relationship with New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush ended on not so good terms, and in the 8 or more months since you’ve been single dating star after star has, somehow, become your latest business venture, perhaps ? Dating so many in such a short period of time is doing nothing for your career. In fact, it makes you look desperate and easy!

Yes, I know you wanted to be married with 1.2 kids by the age of 30 but this is the day and age of cougars and where women can still pop out babies at 50 and above!  Slow down. Let the man find you. And I mean a quality man, come on, Halle Berry’s baby daddy? Are you serious? Gabriel Aubry may be a quality man, who knows, but clearly he wasn’t meant for you.

Let’s see, in those last 8 or 9 months you’ve dated Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, model Gabriel Aubry and now they’re reports you’re dating the New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries! What?! This is all a publicity stunt right? You can’t be that needy for a man? Please say it ain’t so Kim!

And for that, you’ve been fined and branded a SERIAL DATER!!!! Get it together  Kim. No, really!

That is all.


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