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Eddie Long & LeAnn Rimes Talks About The Affair That Ended Their Marriages


Singer LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian appeared on an ABC special, In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville, which aired last night, to discuss the affair that lead to their divorces.  Rimes even admitted to having no regrets.

“What happened is not who I am, period. But I do know how much I love him. So I’ve always said I don’t live my life with regret. I can’t.”,” says Rimes, 28, telling Roberts of the affair with her then Northern Lights costar Eddie Cibrian.

“It happens every day to so many people. And if I take away my album sales, my words … you have just another couple. You had two couples whose marriages didn’t work who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love. I can’t change [critics’] minds. Nothing I’m going to say is going to change it. I do know that and I have accepted that.”

Cibrian added, “the truth is that we’re human beings,” he says. “We make mistakes and we learn from them, but we’re human. We fell in love.”

Rimes ends the interview with “We’re really happy in what we feel privately.”

Rimes married her  back up dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002. The couple’s divorce became finalized in June 2010, 6 months following their separation after it was discovered she had an affair with Cibrian.

Cibrain’s 2001 marriage to make up artist Brandi Glanville became finalized on September 30, 2010. The couple have two sons together.


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