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Danroy Henry Jr. Shooting Update: Former Pleasantville Officer Sounds Off


In a brief interview with CNN, former Pleasantville, NY police officer Steve Cardian discusses the actions taken by police during the Oct. 17th shooting and killing of Pace University football player Danroy Henry Jr, 20.
Even while wrong, police officers refuse to take blame.

The police officer here, clearly, did not want to insinuate that his fellow officers made a bad decision but instead placed blame on Danroy Henry’s actions. Did Henry make a bad call? Possibly. Did he have to die? Absolutely not! There is no getting around that.

The procedures and protocols officers are trained to adhere to need to change.

The news coverage on this tragedy is always disheartening to watch, especially when it appears victims of police brutally and reports of excessive force are typically associated with young black me losing their lives.
How many more young black men need to die before justice is served? A question we should all ask ourselves.

What I would like to know, would the same thing had happened if Mr. Henry had been a caucasian male? Would the officer had fired and asked questions later? I think not.


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