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Girl Named Jasmine Mans Blast Nicki Minaj During Spoken Word Competition


Nicki Minaj sure is a hot commodity lately. If dominating the charts, working on a highly anticipated album, and promoting her brand all around the country isn’t enough, a young girl by the name of Jasmine Mans, a poet,  recited “Don’t Let Them Rape The Assata Out Of You” , a blast on Nicki, during a spoken word competition.

Although there is some truth to what this young lady is saying I also think you’ve gotta let a person be who they are. A year ago I probably would have said some of the same things but I’ve also realized that their art [any artist] may be a representation of who they are. Frankly, it’s their art. Everyone will not like everything you do. I do not think celebrities should be held morally responsible for the youth of America.

There will be many artists, past and present, who you won’t like or understand, or even agree with the way they choose to express themselves. At times it may be difficult but you have a choice to tune it out. What works for others may not work for you. the more we understand that the better we will be as a society.

I am by no means a Nicki Minja stan. I have criticize her myself. But you can’t deny her influence as a female emcee right now. Whether it is well deserved or not. I say, keep doing you Nicki.


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