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Kanye West: The “Runaway” Film


Watch Kanye West’s short film below titled ‘Runaway’. The 35 minute film, starring West and model Selita Ebanks (who plays his fallen pheonix) was inspired by videos of his youth. It shows  him crash into a phoenix, which he later helps bring back to good health.

During an interview with Access Hollywood Kanye says, “It’s a piece of a dream of mine all the way from the colors to the phoenix to the explosion and just crashing these things together.”

His single for the film also titled “Runaway” he says, “In a way, it’s funny… it’s like… the song sounds like it’s talking about a girl — could also be talking about my relationship with society or my relationship with the fans or anyone who I let down or people who had to defend me that really love me.” “I like leaving songs ambiguous a little bit, where it’s like, it could be about other people, It could be about yourself. It’s funny — it’s like a man’s anthem, but it’s a woman’s anthem. Like, ‘Let’s have a toast with a douchebag!'”



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  • I really loved this. Selita really impressed me too; her subtle bird moves were hilarious

  • I love the video! I googled some reviews on it and the reviews are good, but comments are, of course, awful. It’s a shame, really. The film is original, artistic. This was his first directing job and I think he did a fantastic job.

  • @Elena I’m really impressed by Kanye. I think he’s a true artist in so many ways but unfortunately I also think he can be an asshole at times. It takes away from his creativity. If only he can shut the hell up sometimes.

  • oh I agree. He can definitely be an ass. I am hoping that he is working on that.