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So T.I Gets 11 More Months in Jail

Mug shot of T.I..
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As of yesterday afternoon, October 15, 2010, Clifford “T.I” Harris has been sentenced to an additional 11 months in jail for violating probation stemming from gun possession charges in 2007, which he served 7 months behind bars for.

Weeks following two wedding ceremonies, newlyweds, T.I and wife Tiny were arrested for possession of a controlled substance on the Sunset Strip in L.A. on September 1st.

Pleading with US District Judge Charles Pannell, the rapper and father of five stated, “I screwed up. I screwed up big time and I am sorry.”

The judge also order the rapper to serve a year of supervised release.

The news come days after T.I was pegged as hero of the day after persuading a suicidal man, at a local radio station, to not take his life. Unfortunately, the judge did not see a reason to provide leniency for the troubled rapper.

After all this is said and done,T.I should just write a book. I’m sure it would be a bestseller for it’s dramatic effect. T.I, man you were free! Just got married! Why? (shaking my head in disappointment)


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