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Is Someone Who’ve Been In More Relationships Wiser Than Someone Who Hasn’t?


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A good friend of mine posed the question, is someone who has been in more relationships wiser as oppose to someone who hasn’t? That made more wonder for a bit. Initially I began to say, well maybe they would be. More experience would make for more lessons learn correct?
And then I thought well not necessarily. I’ve met plenty of women, and some men, who can’t seem to find a mate they can have a long lasting relationship with. They’re smart, have a great sense of humor, and are even attractive, yet still single.
One theory I’ve suggested to my friend, they simply haven’t learned their lesson.
If you are attracted to they same types of men/women, you know, will not fulfill your needs long term then why keep dating the same types of people? As my mother would say, some people never learn. Or, do you know the definition of crazy, doing the same thing expecting to get different results! Quite frankly, the problem may be you. Not your experience or lack there of.
Someone who has dated less people may be better equipped to commit or have long lasting relationships. Why, perhaps it’s because early on they learned what they wanted from a relationship. They learned early on what it took to make a relationship last and what doesn’t.Typically these types of people are emotionally mature and are self assured. They are not afraid to be alone and have taken the time to get to know their own needs and desires. But again, I’ll emphasis the word typically.
There are those who are so afraid to be alone they will stay committed to an unhealthy relationship even when they know it is best for them to move on. And of course there are those who simply haven’t found the right person to share their lives with.
So I ask you, does someone who has had more partners more experienced and more wiser than someone who has not?


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