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The Social Network: To See Or Not To See?


The Social Network is set for an October 1st release, this Friday, at a theatre nearest to you. The question is, to see or not to see?
The movie details the creation of social networking site Facebook, which connects over 500 million people; and depicts the life of co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, a then college student at Harvard. Zuckerberg struggles to be accepted and convert to the social norms of college life. The creation on Facebook, meant initially for his fellow school mates and scoring a few dates, caught on like fireflies, eventually placing Zuckerberg as the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list. Not before creating a few enemies though. The actual creator of the social network becomes a topic of discussion as Zuckerberg, again, struggles to prove proper ownership.

To my surprise none of the co-founders were involved with this project including Mark Zuckerberg.
Although I find this story fascinating, do I honestly want to sit for an entire 2 hours and watch the story of how a soical networking site was created? No!I say, skip it!


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