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Dwight Howard Suing Son’s Mother!

Dwight Howard in action at the Orlando Magic v...Image via Wikipedia

Is Dwight Howard serious? According to reports, he’s suing the mother of his son, Braylon Howard, Royce Reed for violating a 2009 gag order to restrict her from making defamatory statements about Howard and/or his personal life.
As you may recall, Reed became an instant reality TV star after appearing as a cast member on VH1’s Basketball Wives.

How much is he seeking? Get this, $500,500,000 million dollars!

Howard claims Reed released information on a confrontation between the two after he preceded to visit his son on a day where he was not authorized to do so.
Reed is reputing any allegations saying she believes that the information was released from legal documents.

Howard sounds like a man scorned to me. Didn’t he violate their custody agreement by taking his son on a day he wasn’t authorized to? There’s obviously more to this story, pending updates……..
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