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Serial Killer Targeting Black Men


Black men be on the look out! There may be a serial killer in your neighborhood, Flint, MI to be exact.

Since May, 15 men were attacked and fatally stabbed leaving 5 dead.

Investigators said that  the serial killer has been targeting vulnerable, small-framed African-American men. Two of the men he stabbed had special needs, police said.
“To me, he’s a bully. He’s picking on people smaller than him or somewhat vulnerable. He doesn’t give a warning; he doesn’t rob them. He gives them no reason at all,” said Flint police Lt. Tim Johnson during a news conference Thursday.

Most of the stabbings have occurred late at night or early in the morning near major roadways in Flint and Flint Township, where authorities said it is easier for the killer to stalk people and flee quickly. In many cases, the killer asks his victims for directions and then begins to repeatedly stab them, police said. Sometimes, the killer gives no warning at all, said officers.

In several occasions, he just got out of his vehicle, walked up and started stabbing his victims,” said Johnson.The most recent incident happened on Monday in the 2100 block of South Saginaw Street in Flint. Arnold Miller, 59, was stabbed to death.

Miller’s slaying comes on the heels of the July 30 killing of 60-year-old Frank Kellybrew in Flint Township.Kellybrew’s body was found in front of the Italia Gardens Restaurant on Miller Road, police said.

 This just sad on so many levels.



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