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Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Arrested For Shoplifting!


Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s 20 year old daughter, Caroline Giuliani,  was arrested Wednesday afternoon for shoplifting from an Upper East Side Sephora cosmetic store.

A Sephora salesperson and store security guard caught Giuliani stuffing her pockets with 5 items worth at least $100 when law enforcement officers were called to the scene.

Giuliani was then detained and held until officers arrived taking her into custody at approximately 2:30pm.

Once her identity became known, the store’s management decided against pressing charges. Manhattan district Attorney Erin Duggan, however,  released a statement simply saying, “Once we review the case, we will decide whether or not to file a criminal complaint,” said , a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Giuliani said the former mayor “asks the media to respect the privacy of his daughter at this time.”

Giuliani is set to face charges on Aug. 31. 


I don’t know what’s worst, getting arrested for shoplifting? Or getting arrested for shoplifting $100 worth of items when your father is the former Mayor of New York City worth approximately 45 million dollars?

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