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Kelis Don’t Care Much For Angelina Jolie’s Acting


Kelis doesn’t think much of Angelina Jolie’s acting chops. She took to her twitter to express just how strongly she feels about it.

Hey, so I saw the movie salt and I have one word for you. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!I get duped like the rest of the world into thinking a movie with her in it may matter. Some how being completely brain washed each and every time. And forgetting how terrible the last one she did was. There’s no need to be specific cause they all suck! Unbelievable! Booooo

It always amuse me when celebs criticize other celebs and cry victim when they are then criticized by the media. It just goes to show you that celebrities are human too; forming opinions and judgements of their own on other people whether right, wrong, good, bad or ugly.


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    Instead of doing movies like 'salt' or 'Mr & Mrs Smith' they should get Brad & Angelina to star in a cutting edge relationship advice film! They would have some great insights for script writers with their excellent relationship experience..