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Elderly Couple Speak On 72 years Together & Counting


In an age where divorce is on the rise and everlasting love seems to be a thing of the pass, elderly couple Harry and Barbara Cooper are sharing the secrets behind what has made their marriage last for 72 years.

On the day of their 72nd wedding anniversary, they leaned toward each other, hands tenderly clasped, as they peered into the camera.

‘It’s a give-and-take situation,” said Harry, as Barbara, giggled. “I give, and she takes.”

This is an unconventional showcase for any elderlyLos Angeles, California. Harry recently turned 98. Barbara is 93. The Coopers rely on their granddaughters to videotape their chat, which is later posted on their blog, “The OGs” (short for Original Grandparents). couple in their retirement home, but a typical day for two of the oldest bloggers in Harry and Barbara have become an internet sensation, attracting thousands of fans since their blog debuted in late 2008. Their grandchildren helped them launch the OG blog as a way for them to share their wisdom, humor and relationship with the rest of the world.

When most people their age shy away from the mysteries of the Internet, the pair boasts 1,900 Face Book fans. Barbara, whose dark hair has turned to a wispy white, also tweets and posts restaurant reviews on Yelp.

But perhaps what’s most fascinating for readers isn’t the couple’s ease with the Web, but it’s the strength of their marriage. At a time when statistics show every other marriage ending in divorce in the U.S., Harry and Barbara have proved a relationship can last a very long time.

Image by waltarrrrr via Flickr

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