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Macy Gray: "I Failed At Conformity"


The ever eccentric Macy Gray sat down with SoulCulture TV in London to discuss how she chose her stage name, how she’s been influenced by jazz music and her forthcoming album The Sellout.

Here’s a bit of what she had to say.

This was a very liberating record for me. On my last album [Big, 2007] I was a bit guided – everybody was in my ear telling me what I should do next and who I should work with,” she admits of her previous release. “Suddenly I was kinda lost in opinion-land and I ended up making a record that is OK but it wouldn’t have been the record that I would have made on my own.

“So this time I did exactly what I wanted and I worked with all the people I wanted and when I wanted and I used my own money so nobody could say anything. It’s as close to honest as I am right now, in my my music. I hope it’s pure.”


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