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Gary Coleman’s Death Under Investigation & Funeral To Be Held In Utah


Since the untimely death of actor Gary Coleman, 42, the Coleman family are now requesting that his death be investigated. The families requests and concerns are perhaps driven by beliefs that Coleman and wife Shannon Price had a volatile relationship where domestic violence was a concern. Police officers were called to Coleman’s Utah home on several occasions following heated arguments the actor endured with his wife.

Coleman passed away on May 28th from brain hemorrhage after falling and hitting his head in his Utah home he shared with Price.

Funeral arrangements has been scheduled to take place at the end of the week in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, Coleman’s family haven’t decided on a private ceremony or one that will be opened to the public, reports Radar Online.

“The funeral will take place towards the end of the week either Friday or Saturday in Salt Lake City,” Gary’s lawyer Randy Kester told Radar Online. “It will be at a funeral home and the family is still deciding if it will be a private event or it will be open to his fans too.”

Update: audio of the 911 call Shannon Price made after Gary Coleman’s fall has been released, LISTEN HERE…

Question: Based on what you’ve heard, should Shannon Price be investigated? What are your thoughts?


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