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DMX Sues Company Over Stolen Royalties


Earl Simmons, the rapper best known as DMX, filed a lawsuit on Monday against Rich Kid Entertainment Inc., a company he hired to collect royalties for his work, claiming that said company failed to pay him while collecting royalties on some of his most popular work, even giving record labels permission to reproduce his work without letting him know.

DMX, currently serving a six-month term in a Phoenix jail for violating probation by failing a drug test, also states Rich Kid Entertainment has been ripping him off for years but that he’s been behind bars so much, within the last decade, that he only recently realized the problem.

A spokesperson on behalf of Rich Kid Entertainment have yet to response to the rappers allegations. source

I don’t know about you but I think DMX should focus more on staying rehabilitated and perhaps making a much needed come back to Hip Hop than to worry over spilled milk.

What do you think?


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