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Recording Artist Monica Visits ‘The Wendy Show’


On yesterday’s episode of ‘The Wendy Show’ R&B singer Monica joined to talk about her new role as a mother and her latest album Still Standing – and even talked about the upcoming nuptials of rapper T.I. and his fiancé’ Tiny.

Monica talks to Wendy about rapper T.I.’s pending nuptials to his fiancé Tiny:

Monica: T.I. and I have been friends for years. I’d say since I was 12. That’s a long time.
Tiny is TI’s wife?
Monica: Fiancé’ I’m a bridesmaid.
WW: Oh! How nice! What are the colors of the wedding?
Monica: It’s gonna be beautiful and I hope I don’t get in trouble for this. It’s burgundy and a soft, nice pink and some black.
WW: Uh huh. So when’s the wedding? Tiny and TI getting married.
Monica: Oh no, you are not gonna get me in trouble. Absolutely not. I don’t know anything else.
WW: Mhhhhm. You told us enough.
Monica: I’ll call you after the wedding, I’ll Twitpic it.


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