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More Wives Making More Money Than Husbands


In a recent study, it was discovered that more wives are the bred winners of their families due to a higher education and more opportunities for women in the workforce. If this is the case, do you think the roles men and women play in the household should also change with the times? Or despite how much woman makes a man is still head of the household?


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  • Max

    Excellent article….women have come a long way, but men and women should operate as a team, with synergy in mind, instead of being threatened by the presence or performance of the opposite sex. We need to increase overall welfare, instead of focusing on a power struggle related to who should be the head of the household, or who is more effective as a professional or what ever else.

    The social, cultural, and political attitudes of modern society have enabled women to seize some power from men, despite being treated unfairly by unethical leaders, who continue to reinforce the "glass ceiling." Women understand that fruitful conversations promote sound business relationships and teamwork, thus contributing to an improvement in the bottom line.

    Women are usually well organized, as homemakers and professional employees. They often regard their fellow employees as family and take time to ascertain their personal needs. Competition is strange to most women because they were groomed for caring, rather than winning!

    Fay Weldon, a writer, stated, “Worry less about what other people think of you, and more about what you think about them.” A former mayor of Ottawa once said, “Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought of as half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult!”

    Women should focus on a fearless, diplomatic, heads-on approach, instead of being intoxicated by power, intimidated or taken undue advantage of.

    For free abridged versions of my books on leadership, ethics, teamwork, motivation, women, bullying and sexual harassment, trade unions, etc., write to [email protected].

    Maxwell Pinto, Business Author

    Maxwell Pinto, Business Author

  • Cotten Kandi

    Well said Maxwell. Very articulate. I can't disagree with anything you have written here. It seems you have done your homework on how women think and what makes us thrive! Bravo!