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Angela Simmons Speaks On The Troubles of Interracial Dating


Vanessa Simmons has taken to Global Grind to vent on the problems she’s faced for dating someone outside her race. Here’s what she had to say.

I am a lil surprised at the number of people that seem to disapprove of the relationship with my boyfriend. I find this reality to be kind of hard to accept. There are times when I notice people giving us long hard stares and those stares are usually from my own people! Honestly, I wish everyone could benefit from the beauty that can come from experiences that happen outside of your own comfort zone. Give it a shot and you can learn so much from a person you never thought you’d talk to or have something in common with. Sometimes society makes it hard for us to be
comfortable enough in our own skin to embrace others who are different.


It’s certainly sad that interracial dating is still unacceptible in some parts of the world. There should be no limit to the people who should love because of the color of their skin.


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