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Bruce Leroy From The Last Dragon Is Back?


TV One caught up with Taimak (Bruce Leroy) from the hit movie The Last Dragon for its “Life After” series. They sat down with the star to discuss his rise to fame and disappearance from the spotlight. Checkout these brand new clips from the series airing this Sunday at
10pm ET.
TV One “Life After”: How did Taimak become The Last Dragon?

TV One “Life After”: Why didn’t Taimak become a BIGGER star?

Taimak will be live twittering during the show.

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About Author

  • Sparkle

    You have just made my day. Taimak is SOOOOO fine even til this day. Good Lord. He looks ten times better than half the actors out here.

  • Cotten Kandi

    You're welcome Sparkle! Lol
    I ad to make this post so when I saw it in my in box I thought I struck gold. So many people have been wondering what happened to him. And yes, he's still fine.

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