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Topic of The Day: How Long Is Too Long?


I often wonder just how long should couples wait to take their relationship to the next step. As friends get older, get married and have children somehow there becomes an imposing pressure to get married as well. People start to ask, who are you dating? When are you gonna get married? When will you have kids? How long are you gonna wait? Don’t you know time is ticking?!

Yes, in fact I do know time is ticking! But do we all having to go by the same biological clock? And at the same time? I say, no! We do not.
I have friends who’ve been in relationships for at least 3 years and who haven’t shown any signs of settling down. And then you have the ones, who within a year, have somehow met the men of their dreams, moved in, and gotten married. Then, you have couples who’ve lasted for 10+ years, moved in, had kids and are content with keeping things as such.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one who will resort to shacking up, but I am in no rush to become a Mrs. either.

This, of course, is a sensitive topic; one that has lead me to doing a little investigating. I want to know your thoughts. So, just how long is too long? A year? Two? Three? Five years even? Or should we just do it in our own time, however long that may take?

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