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Rocsi Disscusses Her Former Battle With Anorexia!


On yesterday’s episode of 106 & Park Rosci discussed her own battle with Anorexia, the pressures on woman to look thin and how Anorexia and Bulimia affect ethnic women.

I commend Rocsi for doing this. So many people think these diseases affect young white women, and she is bringing attention to these diseases and the affect it has on the black and hispanic communities. Here’s a quote of what she said,

I just wanted to be skinny. That’s all I wanted. And it’s hard even now in this industry. God! We go through so much. All the women in this industry, this is so not us guys. When we wake up in the morning, this is not what you see. And it’s even hard with the blogs… Recently I wore my hair in a ponytail and they were talking about my ears. They were like “Keebler Elf” and this that and the other. And you try not to make it hurt, but it hurts and your appearance is everything.

The only reason why I came out. Alot of minority women go through this. I used to think that it was a “white” syndrome. I thought only white people were anorexic or bulimic and I didn’t think that anyone like me or that looked like me would go through this.


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