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Method Man & Redman Sound Off About Nas & Kelis


Rappers Method Man and Redman visited WKYS radio station and was quite upset about Kelis being awarded $50,000 a month in her divorce settlement. Things get a little bit explicit. Check it out.

“…as far as speaking on men and women in general. 50 grand a month for some p*ssy is some bullsh*t. Ladies for real all you did was f*ck your man. that money right there. A kid doesn’t need that much to survive. You trying to maintain your life style. That’s f*cked up. I want to see the shoe on the other foot.”

“If we don’t nip this sh*t in the bud right now and have the court system to see sh*t for what it actually is. If you ask me the court system is geared more towards the women than the men”

“What the kids don’t understand is the air they breathing. The lights. The cable. The Mortgage. All that fall on Daddy’s shoulders. Not to mention he has to pay this stanking azz b*tch that he don’t even f*ck with anymore to look good for some other n*gga. This sh*t is crazy to me and any chick that does that sh*t is foul.”

I get the point they’re trying to make but they really could have chosen their words carefully.


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