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Boxer Vernon Forrest Shot To Death


Former Boxing Champion Vernon Forrest was murdered in Atlanta over the weekend after exchanging gunfire with a robber. According to the AJC.com, Vernon Forrest stopped at a Chevron gas station to put air in the tires of his jaguar when he was robbed at gun point. As the robber fled the scene, Forrest pulled out his own gun and began chasing the suspect. The pursuit ended when Forrest was shot him 7-8 times in the back. Mr. Forrest was 38 years old.

Eerily, fellow blogger NecoleBitchie was sent a tweet, by one of her followers, that Mr. Forrest wrote on his twitter homepage about a week ago, July 19th.

“Man I had a nightmare last nite I dreamt I come home and found 4 guys were breaking into my house. I pull my heater and it was empty they chased me and was about to shoot me then I woke up. The first thing I did was get my heater and made sure it was loaded. That dream will not come true.”

How unfortunate. I understand his desire to get his things back, but not when it will cost you your life. If you are ever robbed at gun point, just cooperate and let it go people.


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