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11th Annual HollyRod Foundation Event!


HollyRod Foundation’s 11th Annual Design Care was held in Beverly Hills last night. The HollyRod Foundation is the brain child of Holly Robinson and husband Rodney Peete. Many stars came out in support for the foundations research in treating Parkinson’s and Autism.

Holly was quoted as making this statement:

“We started the HollyRod Foundation years ago to help people with Parkinson’s disease – my dad had Parkinson’s and then about five years into the foundation, my son was diagnosed with autism… Much like Parkinson’s, autism is very expensive to treat so we started raising money for the quality of life for people suffering from both because of our personal experiences,” she revealed at the 11th annual DesignCare event in Hollywood, which saw Parkinson’s campaigner Michael J Fox honoured.

“You can’t even know how expensive it is to treat a child with autism, especially families who don’t have insurance – it’s next to impossible. It destroys families.”

Holly added: “We raise money through these fundraisers and we beg people to use their gorgeous homes, we beg all of our friends to get dressed up and play with us.”


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  • Keith

    Great photos. They all look wonderful. Hope your week has started off well.