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Kelis Gives Birth To Knight Jones!


Reps from Kelis’ camp has officially released a statement regarding the birth of Knight Jones, Nas and Kelis’ first born (I’m hoping this will bring them back together).

“Kelis gave birth to Knight Jones last night on July 22nd around 9PM. Weighing a healthy 7.8lbs, the beautiful baby boy and his mother are doing wonderful. This was a natural birth and Kelis had been in labor since early Monday morning around 2AM. Knight was delivered in a NYC hospital with her mother and sister in the room.

Here’s what Kelis tweeted this morning:

Ok so I did it, he’s 7.8 pounds of the greatest stuff on earth…I was in labor for 3 of the longest most painful days of my life. I don’t understand when women say they don’t remember giving birth…I will remember for the rest of my life. He’s kinda perfect btw :)

I can’t believe she was in labor for 3 days! I’m having second thoughts on having children! Oh Gosh, can you imagine the pain?!


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