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The Michael Jackson Memorial


Yesterdays memorial for, the ultimate “King Of Pop”, Michael Jackson did not disappoint.
While many news medias are using speculation and propaganda as a means to gain more viewership, the memorial focused on Michael’s incredible legacy. The memorial was in fact fitting for a King! The program show cased Michael’s humanitarianism, his positive messages through his music, his able to perform like no other and showmanship!
I am definitely convinced that there will never be another performer such as Mr. Jackson. Definitely not in this life time. Rest in peace Michael! We love you!

I absolutely lost it when Michael’s 11 year old daughter Paris Katherine Jackson got up to speak and say her last goodbyes to her father. This was a very emotional and pivotal moment in the entire memorial. I even broke down and began to cry. But I am happy she made it clear that her father was a great father, that he is missed and loved.

Usher’s rendition of “Gone Too Soon” brought me to tears as well. Very touching.


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