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The Break Of Dawn:Honey Mag Cover


I absolutely love these shots of Dawn! The shorter hair is growing on me and she is coming into her own. Very original and confident. She sits down with Honey Mag to discuss her new image, her growth and future projects she has in the works.

“New look, new Dawn! You know I was with Danity Kane for awhile and it was great. I had the long joint and it was hot, but you know I’m moving on to a new chapter in my life. I wanted to start something different. I am working with Puff on the album Last Train To Paris, and we just wanted to separate me from what people are used to seeing from Making the Band and everything. I think it was time for a change. My spirit changed, my life changed, and I think I wanted to head into a more “me” direction. The more “Dawn when I was growing up,” like Green Day was my first concert… so the rock Dawn, the one that I know. I got up with this amazing guy Larry, who does Victoria Beckham, Queen Latifah, like you name it. All the short joints, all the long joints, Laurie Ann Gibson. He hooked me up, cut me, and we loved it. And I am not even looking back, I am forever now a bald head girl (laughs), and I am okay with it.”

Gem ’em girl!

Read entire interview…


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