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Nick Cannon’s GIANT Mag Spread!


Nick Cannon’s recent cover and spread in Giant magazine is a must read. The comedian/actor/entrepreneur has an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt. And, he’s married to one of the greatest singing sensations and divas of all time, Mariah Carey.

The star, who’s been criticized for his cookie cutter boy next door image, insists, “The thing that’s crazy to me is that the majority of people see a person that’s likable as corny,” says Cannon. “It’s me. Everything I’ve ever wanted in life, my personality has got me that. I’m-a drive this corny-ass Phantom to the corny-ass bank and cash these corny-ass checks. I love being corny.”

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  • AutumnJones

    Something about Nick, ive always liked! He def. knows how to get to that money..