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Kelly Rowlands Gets New Manager!


If you remember earlier this year Kelly parted ways with long time manager, and in many ways “dad”, Matthew Knowles as well as his label World Music Entertainment. The future of Kelly’s career was unsure and many critics in fact thought it was over. Well, Kelly has shown she is a true survivor, with a new hit reality TV show The Fashion Show on BravoTV and a third album in the works, now Ms. Kelly has chosen a new manager as well. Guys, meet Jeff Ranham. Jeff is actually Kelis’ old manager.

Of course, rumors have already surfaced suggesting that Kelly’s relationship with the Knowleses is on the rocks and former BFF Brandy is now back in the picture. Brandy even twittered about it on her page.

On the phone with @Kelly_Rowland..I am so blessed to have her back in my life:)

Congrats to Kelly and her new endeavors!

*Just an interested fact. Brandy and Kelly share the same birthday*


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