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*Update!*:Charles Hamilton Gets Socked In the Mouth!


I’m not quite sure who Charles Hamilton is and what he’s known for but check out this hilarious clip of him getting socked in the mouth, by the female he’s talking sh*t about. he got a little too personal for her taste. Hilarious!

[I actually know now that Charles Hamilton is an up and coming MC/Rapper well known in the underground Hip Hop market whose got the industry buzzing.

The young lady featured in the video, whose name is Brianna Latrise Issacs, is Mary J. Blige’s step daughter and daughter to husband Kendu Issacs.]


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  • MrsGrapevine

    I heard so much about this video, and I saw it earlier, but didn’t know what it was about.

    Wow! That will hurt his street cred, but great for publicity. Charles Hamilton, who? Not anymore…

    Any relation to Mary J, even if it’s not blood is dangerous.

  • GabeReal

    Charles Hamilton doesn’t need street cred because it’s not like he tries to act like a gangster. His fav color is pink and he loves sonic!