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Solange Safe Sex Campaign


Solange has teamed up with MTV’s Staying Alive campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safe sex among teens. She stated on her Twitter page, Today I have decided to dedicate myself to MTV’s ‘Staying Alive’ campaign. Yes, Yes, Yes to safe sex to prevent HIV and AIDS. The Body Shop has created a great Lip Butter to support the campaign and proceeds go directly to the Staying Alive Foundation. This is a very scary topic, it could happen to ANY of us. 3,000 young people under 25 are infected with HIV daily! But it MUST be talked about!”

[On learning about sex at a young age: [My and Beyonce‘s] parents did a great job of giving us the real deal Holyfield on sex and allowing us to make decisions on our own. I was 13 when my parents first sat me down to discuss sex. And it was a very good age for me. But, it may be necessary to talk to my son at an even earlier age since kids are now having sex in Jr. High. I definitely understand that friends are the biggest influences on children and sex needs to be addressed by parents early.

Solange’s advice about teaching and learning about sex: You need to have the conversation before it’s too late. Talk about expectations and have that initial conversation before deciding to engage in sex.

Solange on the music industry’s sexual responsibility: In my own videos, I don’t necessarily make a conscious effort to abstain from “oversexed” videos. The music that I put out–I want it to be a real portrayal of myself. And to be bikini clad is just not who I am. Artistry is true expression and I do not expect every artist to be a role model, everyone makes mistakes and some don’t even practice what they preach verbatim. The past ten years artists have received a bad rep for letting our music stand for something, but we are now becoming more conscious of what we put out and our lyrics and I credit Obama and the recent election for that change, our lyrics should stand for something.

About her video for “T.O.N.Y.”: I wrote it because so many of my friends had their own “TONY” in their lives. The video that was put out was not the final version and leaked to the media long before it was done. The song is about dealing with pregnancy and learning to find love in other areas.

On the career moves she’s making now: I’m currently developing a show with “The Game’s” producer Mara Brock Akil. It’s based on the reality of my life. We’re still shopping the show around. I used to say yes to every acting project but now it’s important that I only take on projects that will maker me think and grow and will motivate and inspire others.]


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