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Britney Walks of Stage During Vancouver Performance


Britney Spears, left a sold out crowd, at the Vancouver GM Place Arena, a little ticked off when she decided to stop short of her performance and bring the show to a sudden halt for about 30 minutes. The reason, too much smoke and not enough ventilation!

Shortly after, an announcer declared: “It’s become uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers. The show will resume as soon as the air around the stage is clear. The performance will not proceed until the air clears.”

The irritated crowd booed and chanted for Brit to make a return, when she finally did, according to one concert goer, “it just wasn’t the same, the crowd lost its edge”.

Brit resumed the show with a performance of “If You Seek Amy” and “Me Against The Music”.

She then spoke to the crowd for the first time: “What’s up, Vancouver?”

After closing the show with “Womanizer,” Spears advised the crowd, “Vancouver, don’t smoke weed.”


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