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Rihanna Beat Chris Upside His Head With Her Stilettos!


New rumors have circulated that the night of her attack, Rihanna initially beat Chris on his head with her stilettos for cheating! According to the source, Chris’ attack on Rihanna was plain old self defense and response to Rihanna’s rage.

Welford Hart – who lives with Brown’s mother – alleged that the singer was provoked by the Umbrella hitmaker.

Hart told the New York Post newspaper, “When you take off your shoes and beat someone with high heels, that’s going to hurt. He reacted and tried to get her to stop hitting him, but she kept screaming.”

I don’t know how true this story is, but the rumors certainly won’t help Rihanna’s career, there are already talks of her losing endorsement deals for reconciling with Brown. If Rihanna’s violent behavior turns out to be true, it may just save Chris’ career and redeem his image. It may even shed some light on why Rihanna evenly took Chris back. I just wish them bothe the best and that they get the help they’re both gonna need.


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