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1st Pics of a Battered Rihanna! Real or Fake?!


I’ve purposely tried to stay away from this story due to its sensitivity and out of respect for the parties involved, but, I’m in utter disbelief that this is the real image of Rihanna after the assault. Family members from the Rihanna camp made statements suggesting that the bruises and assault weren’t as serious as the media portrayed. But, if this is the real image, then what the hell were these sources talking about?! This is bad! There is no other way to state a fact.

It’s unfortunate that TMZ would go to the extent of retrieving an image such as this, especially on Rihanna’s birthday! TMZ should be ashamed of themselves. The situation is a personal one and it is bad enough, why humiliate the parties involved! Especially Rihanna.

To Rihanna, my sympathy goes out to her. I can only imagine the humiliation, anger and shame she is feeling right now. I wish she seeks any help she may need to regain the strength she’ll need. To Chris, I just wish him the best and hope he gets the help he needs, it’s never justified to beat a woman, even if she may have started the altercation. In most cases a man’s size and strength is enough to retrain a violent woman. He should of had better self control.


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