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At Last! The President & First Lady


It was such a proud day in history when the now President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama swore in around mid-day yesterday. Just about everyone I know and around the world watched and waited for that very moment. It was all that everyone talked about, on your commute to work and back home, to school, while dining with friends or watching the events unfold on your television. It was a moment filled with hope and emotion as well as inspiration. I get the feeling that many people are inspired to do better and be better. President Barack Obama is living proof that if you have a dream they can very well come true.

The President and First Lady took their first dance steps while being serenaded by Beyonce singing the Etta James hit, ‘At Last’. I loved the way they interacted with each other. This is definitely not a political marriage but a sincere and loving one. Each ball they attended and each time they danced, 10 times to be exact, they were more relaxed and enjoyed each other. It was funny when Pres. Obama kept stepping on her dress and she kept having to adjust its tail, giving him that “if you step on this dress one more time” look, very funny moment.


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  • Keith

    Great pictures and clips. This was such a fantastic time in our nation’s history. It made me really proud to be an American. I adore our new First Family. I wish them the best.