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Toni Braxton:"Get Loose" [2008 Single]

“Get Loose” is Toni Braxton’s first single for her well awaited musical come back. What do you think? The song is catchy but is it enough to put Toni back on the charts? Tell me what you think.

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  • Tuesdai Noelle

    It does just enough to keep your attention, make you want to listen to see what the ending will be like, & catchy it is indeed…but for me in totality… it's a tad too cute & cuddly for Braxton.


  • Tuesdai Noelle

    …if I may add, before she starts singing the first verse, the beat of the song gives you a Super Mario Brothers vibe…

    I do still LOVE her music…I’ll just have to hear another new release. I instantly LOVED the release of “Just be a Man About it”, when it first came out, years ago. OF course, that’s just my favorite song!!