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The newly elected President and the First Family make their first appearance after Baracks’s Victory was announced.
today’s front page of the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper

How proud and excited we all must have felt when it was announced that Senator Barack Obama would be our 44th President and the first African American President in history! How proud civil rights activists must have been, the ones who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr when he delivered his “I have a Dream” speech, who were hosed down and beaten just to be able to vote, be intergrated or simply have a voice.
Last night was definitely a defining moment in history as Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech at Grant Park in Chicago, in front of 125,000 people. Senator Barack Obama is an intelligent man, a humbled man from humble beginnings, he is articulate, inspirational, determined, driven, tolerant of the intolerable, and a man who stayed positive and focused when his adversaries tried desperately to bring his campaign to a falter. I am proud to say that he will be our president!
To all black men, young and old, I just wanted to say that despite what you might have felt in the past, whether you felt discriminated against, past up for a job offers or opportunities where you were over qualified, whether you felt disrespected, in fear of dreaming because you believe you would never get your chance, and those who felt being black was a plague! This MAN, Senator Barack Obama has proven that the impossible is possible! Stay positive, stay beautiful and stay focused! Dear to dream and dear to thrive! God Bless America!

Oprah, a Obama supporter since day 1, at Grant Park where Senator Obama gave his speech and speaking to the press.Jessie Jackson was visibly crying tears of joy and pride as Obama won the presidency. Although some may disagree I believe Jessie’s reaction was a sincere one. He is a man coming from and who has experienced the hardships of the civil rights era. (Jackson came under scrutiny over heated and prejudice remarks he made about Obama earlier on in the obama campaign.)


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