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Teairra Marie On The Come Up


After being dropped from Def Jam and enduring emotional distress Tierra Marie is ready for a comeback. With a new label, working hard on her next album and a few guest appearances at celebrity functions she is determined to stay present in the industry and in our minds. Teairra has gone sexy on us doing a spread in KING Magazine. She even revealed information on being dropped, her feelings toward Rihanna and her relationship with Lil Wayne. Check it out….

Teairra’s take on Jay-Z:
“I was calling Jay my father. I love you like my father because my father is not in my life. Jay didn’t even call and tell me [I was dropped]. I was hurt.”

On Rihanna:“They asked her [Rihanna] how she felt playing second fiddle to me, which I never felt [she was]. She had the number-one song in the country on Hot 100; I didn’t, so she couldn’t be playing second fiddle to me. When I heard that I was upset, like, ‘Why would she ever go there? Keep my name out your mouth, sweetie!”

And what about that relationship w/ Lil Wayne:“He’s a good friend; we’ve hung out a couple of times. I was attracted to him for a second, but then it grew into a nice friendship. He’s a charmer, like an old-school kind of guy.”

The girl has certainly been through some things. How hurt she must have felt when Jay left her hanging, as for Rihanna, let it go! She did nothing wrong towards you. And Lil Wayne? Well, it is what it is. Make sure to pick up a copy of the KING Mag October issue.


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