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FOX 5’s Response to Solange


After an on air dispute with one of Fox’s reporter’s, Solange made her case in a video blog only to make matters worst. Fox has release their own response stating, “quit gravy training off of your sister and make your own career!” All I can say is WOW! There was absolutely no need to respond to Solange’s witty remark to one of their reporters, however, Solange may need a little media training on how to handle the media regardless of her need to speak her mind or not! Even when angered just keep it professional Solange, it will save you all the drama! You want to be known more for your music and career ventures not for your beefs with reporters or anyone else for that matter.


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  • Mrs.BreezyBri

    I think what he did was so unprofessional, they should really deal with him on that…wow…Solange does not owe it to anyone to act a certain way…they should have kept their comments about her brother-in-law to themselves and make sure that she couldn’t hear…i think she had every right to go off the way she did!!! Love this blog hun lol