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Recap: Solange Knowles


Well, this week proved to be a little unpredictable for Solange Knowles. Her “tidbit” disapproval of a L.A Reporter’s questions and the resulting media back lash.Check it out!

The following day, Beyonce and Mama Tina Knowles show their support and how proud they are of Solange and her success prior to a live performance on The Early Show

Then Solange released a personal vlog in an attempt to clarify the reason for her reaction and response to the reporter.

What do you think? I am a Solange fan, however, differentiating yourself from your sister is one thing but creating a negative image before you have reached your potential as an artist, not good!


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  • My Cherie Amore

    Wait, hold up let me give miss Solange a side eye. Chick you ain’t at that level yet. Chill out! Don’t get stank!

  • Mrs.BreezyBri

    I don’t think she was trying to be negative at all she is letting every one know that she is NOT beyonce and that she was and is promoting her album so for them to question her about her sister and jay-z were not called for so she had every right to go off this way they won’t ask her again now will they!!!