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Senator Barack Obama’s DNC Speech


Senator Obama gave what was a very articulate, straight to the point and inspirational speech. He spoke on his family, his mother’s death, his grandparents hard work and how each issue he has address for the last 18 months has affected his own life. Issues such as as health care, grants and scholarships for students, military families, social security, welfare, the loss of jobs and much more. I thought he made such a great point when he addressed Senator McCain statement comparing him to a celebrity. He also emphasized on the need for change and brought up some really good examples. This was definitely a moment to watch.


About Author

  • Ariel

    He had me when He started by saying ” I accepted the candidacy for President of the United States!” He is an excellent speaker with valid points and suggestions to solve many political problems

  • Octavious

    I have a huge problem with people choosing to vote for Obama solely because he is black! How does that determine whether or not he can get the job done?!

  • Princess

    Well Octavious!!!, if George Bush can get elected and steal the presidency for not 1 but 2 terms soley because he is George Bush senior’s spawn, Obama can be president solely because he is Black. Besides, this is history in the making! Not every day u see a black presidential candidate much less the PRESIDENT now do you?!!!