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Solange’s "Sasha" Show Down!


Solange does her own rendition of a little Sasha while performing ‘Sandcastle Disco’ on the late show with David Letterman Monday night. It’s great to see that Solange has so much energy during her performances but although she has made it clear she doesn’t want to be like or compared her sister the performance clearly has Beyonce’s name written all over it! Solange stick to your originality! It’s the reason we all started to become fans! Don’t falter now.


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  • Proud of Solange, Megan

    I’m so sick of people labeling Solange as a “coat tailer” of Beyonce’s. She is a talented, charismatic individual who doesn’t mind speaking her mind. Naturally for two sister’s she and Be have somethings in common, but that does not default her as a copy cat or wanting to be like Be. Get past the family tree and possibly you’ll be able to admit that she is Creative and deserving of success in HER own right.