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Lil’ Wayne Sells 1 million units!


Lil” Wayne‘s ‘Tha Carter III’ 1 million unit sales has given the record industry a much needed boost! In recent years the music industry has faced declining record sales and were in a bit of a panic over possible solutions. Solution? People want good music! It’s as simple as that.
Despite music being leaked on the web and CD’s bought by bootleggers the album sold 423,000 copies in its first week alone! In fact the highly anticipated album was pushed back several times due to leaks on to the web by parent label Universal Records. Ron Williams, co-founder of Lil’ Wayne’s record label Cash Money Records goes on to say, He worked hard. He just came with something different. He let his skills show on a lot of mixtapes. He’s featured on a lot of people’s records, it just made people anticipate his record more than ever.”
Whatever he’s doing seems to be working in his favor! Keep doing it! CK.


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