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Maxim’s Hot 100

Marisa Miller comes in at #1
As I reviewed this list I was surprised to see some of the candidates even on the list, so I especially didn’t expect to see some of them in the top 10! Tela Tequila‘s show and recent stint in the press has won her a spot at 100. While, Lindsey Lohan came in at #8 and Alicia Keys at #77?! Does drinking hard, partying like crazy and taking drugs get you on the list or what? This is just like the Kate Moss scandal. She was caught smoking crack, lost all her endorsements and millions of dollars only to get it all back and then some! What is Maxim thinking? Some of these people don’t even belong on the list at all! I, in no think Lindsey Lohan is unattractive, don’t get me wrong, but number 8, especially with all the crap going on in her life right now. She doesn’t even know if she’s straight or not. She’s obviously confused about a lot of things. What a way to glorify bad behavior Maxim! Way to go!

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