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Foxy’s Not So Free


When things couldn’t get any worst, a judge issued a warrant for Foxy’s arrest in a Brooklyn courtroom yesterday morning. Luckily for the rap star, the warrant only lasted for a few minutes. It was canceled when Brown’s lawyers informed the judge of an agreement where she did not have to appear. A court meeting was set in conjunction to assault charges filed against Brown for allegedly throwing a cell phone at a neighbor who complained about her car radio being too loud.
Let’s just hope Foxy can change her ways long enough to avoid going back to jail. -CK


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  • G-Real

    Foxy is Crazy!!!!

  • Rosalind

    foxy looks late…she has purple lip stick on and still looks like she jumped str8 out of an old 90’s video!!! “AINT NO NI99A LIKE THE ONE I GOT…NO ONE CAN DO YOU BETTA” I mean ca’mon Fox!!!! SHE’LL NEVER PASS MY CLASS B/C SHE’S LAAAATE!!!